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With Only $25 one time Investment, you get access to:

Daily Carbon Credit.
7,2 Trees give 1 Carbon Credit and 1 Carbon Credit offsets 1 ton of CO2. 1 Carbon Credit is now selling at about 35€ ($41). It's a promising sector to invest in....

A 12 Years Contract.
You acquire Forest bond and earn daily from Monday to Friday... You can withdraw your dividends any day from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm UTC....

You get already 7 Years Old trees. Harvesting Hardwood in 12 Years.
A tree with an average of 30m high x 0.60m in diameter is equivalent to 18m3. A Cubic Meter (m3) sells at $400. With the sale of 1 tree that costs just $25, you will be having about $7200... You will profit from the profitability of the wood in the final period of 12 years when the trees will be cutting.

Refer Others & Build a High Earning Team, if you choose to.
You will earn a one time 15% referral fee of the amount the person invests with and a daily 10% for points that is generated from the less leg of your binary...

Participate in a Global Booming Credible and sustainable Business.

1- According to the World Bank Group, the historic global agreement on climate change adopted in Paris helped open up nearly $23 trillion in opportunities for climate-smart investments in emerging markets between now and 2030....


2- For ever $1 invested in Climate Change projects, it yields $4 in return.....


3- It is projected that over 65 million jobs would have been created by 2030 form Climate Change investment opportunities.


4- The Annual growth rate of the demand for hardwood is 14%. Europe, North America and China consume over 80% of the produce....

Guaranteed Daily Earnings from your Investment.

This does not include Referral and Team Earnings.

Possible Daily Binary (Team) Earnings and Minimum Payouts.

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